Vintage Sounds for modern times

Jones's nostalgic folk and country sound transports people to another place and time. She lights up a room with her voice: pure and endearing yet sometimes feisty and sensual. Her confidence on stage inspires optimism and lifts the collective spirit.


El sonido nostálgico de folk y country transporta a la gente a otras tierras y a otros tiempos. Ella ilumina la sala con su voz: pura y encantadora pero a veces sensual y llena de picardía. Su presencia en el escenario inspira el optimismo y levanta el espíritu colectivo.

Photo: Autumn Dozier

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Latest Track

I went through an amazing process to re-work the much-loved folk song Carless Love for my EP, "Secrets I Keep." It was a joy to listen to so many versions of the song, and my version landed very closely with Leadbelly's recording. I changed the lyrics around a bit and wrote a few new lines of my own to create a fresh take on a timeless tune.